AI Optimization User Parameters

Joava continuously provides you with a value for any of entities (target, campaign, ad group, key attribute, attribute) throughout all the performance reports. This value is calculated by comparing timespan data from all time down to today and finding the smallest timespan that has passed the minimum requirements of data in order to be considered. The AI is looking always looking to answer 2 questions; does this entity need to be deleted?; What is the shortest time period with enough data to calculate the value? The "minimum requirements of data" is a subjective term that you may change as with user parameters. There are 2 parameter:

  1. Cost Boundary - The AI collects all conversion rates for timespans that have at the very least past this set amount of ad-spend. It will consider setting the "chosen conversion rate" to the shortest timespan that has passed the minimum ad-spend requirement. This is very important in order not to drastically change a historical based CR to something different without passing this minimum threshold of consideration. Passing the cost boundary is required for both setting the entity to be deleted and for the purpose of setting a trend change where the conversion rate of a shorter period overtakes the longer period.
  2. Sales Boundary - For a conversion rate to be greater than 0 it requires at the very least 1 sale. The sales boundary setting only affects the AI's question of setting a trend change in conversion rate to a shorter period and is not considered for when marking an entity for being deleted. 

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