Targets - Overview

A Target is the top element in the Funkeyads analytics hierarchy. You can think of targets as marketing goals. Goals may range from the sale of a product to the completion of a form. The events promoting these goals are called impressions and clicks and the event of reaching a goal is called a conversion

How are Targets created?

You can choose from 5 different types of targets by selecting one of the color coded buttons on top right of the targets report. Multi-target funnel, website target, user target, affiliate target, rotating target.

How are Targets promoted?

Once a target is defined you may promote it using campaigns and ad-groups. These containers provide you a way to group your promotions separately. They are parallel to the containers ad-networks provide when you purchase traffic. Use the (+) sign on any target row in order to open a new campaign and ad-group for it. The number on the right of the plus sign indicates the amount of campaigns currently open on that target,

List of functional columns within the Target report

  • select 
  • menu
  • navigation bar
  • destination setup
  • pause
  • target
  • in links
  • add campaign
  • A.I
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