Conversions - Overview

When someone is exposed to one of your campaigns and after that fact reached the desired goal, you have made a conversion. By attributing the conversion event to the precise original traffic event Funkeyads is able help you optimize your ad-spend and ad quality.

Conversions can be recorded in 4 ways

  • Conversion API for Affiliate networks - If you are promoting an affiliate target then conversions are automagically imported every few minutes.
  • Custom conversion API - We offer custom programmatic solutions to import any external source of conversions. Contact us here if you require such a solution.
  • Conversion Pixel - This is an image pixel you place within your conversion destination. Whenever someone triggers this pixel image a conversion is recorded under certain strict conditions. Reading our dedicated article about conversion pixels is recommended.
  • Conversions imported from the Ad-network - When working with our traffic source API integration you have an option to use the conversion data you recorded on your ad-network. You can decide this setting per ad group.

There are 2 Conversion Types

  1. Leads - Any conversion that is has a conversion amount of zero is always considered a lead.
  2. Sales - Any conversion that is has a conversion amount greater than zero is always considered a sale.

Where do conversions appear on the dashboard?

Your sequential list of conversions is accessed in the Conversions QuickReport in all the reporting tabs. In addition all the main performance reports have columns reflecting the conversion stats per entity.

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