Multi Target Funnel

A multi target funnel is used when you have an ad funnel that is promoting more than one other target. In this case when traffic arrives into its ad-funnel you do not have a way of establishing what target its going to end up promoting and therefor the cost of that traffic cant be attributed to any specific target. In this case the optimization goal is the ad-funnel itself.

  1. A comparison site - In this case you have made an ad funnel that compares many products. You will receive commission on any of these products if clicked through your link.
  2. A blog - In this case you have a content website where your intention for it is to promote many different products.

Analytics challenge and our solution

Funkeyads goal is to value the worth of each target traffic purchase. For this it has to know both the ad spend and conversions of each event. When the promotion type makes it impossible to attribute the ad spend event to a specific target then the analytics goal can't be reached by definition. This is the reason we created the multi target funnel target type. Both the traffic spend and the conversion revenue are all attributed to the multi target funnel instead of the destination targets it is promoting.

How to setup a Multi Target Funnel?

  1. Create a target of type Multi Target Funnel. The dialog will prompt you to create your first Out Link. Once done you will be redirected to the ad-groups tab.
  2. Press the Out Link button from any ad-group in order to view and create a backlink to another target. Note the number on the right of that button indicate the amount of Out links that already exist.

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